Faith Stepping Stones

Faith Stepping Stones involves eight "stones" from cradle to graduation designed to keep your family strong and growing in faith. The materials and discussions during the 3 to 8 weeks together (mostly during the Sunday School hour) within each group will cover physical, emotional, and spiritual needs for parents and youth at each stage of development. And most importantly, parents will learn important faith nurturing routines that can become part of the daily family life... and will help parents to fulfill their most important promises they made to God at the baptism of their child.

Peace Lutheran Church encourages all parents to prioritize these Sunday morning sessions during the coming years so that the church can reinforce effective parenting skills and teach/support spiritual growth within our Christian homes.

Why do we have these classes? Because we know that faith in Jesus grows the best "every night in every home".

All of these sessions meet during the 9:30 am education hour on Sunday mornings.

For more information on this program see the Faith Stepping Stones section under Education News.