Jesus called a group of 12 to be trained and to grow deep in his ways by sharing his life with him. They listened to Jesus and watched him. They learned how to understand the Scriptures (and so to know God); how to pray (and so to talk to God); how to share life and meals together with him (and so to love one another in God); and served, healed, taught and fed others (and so learned how to let God love and redeem the world through them). This sharing of life with the disciples was the core of Jesus’ ministry.

        That is the main reason it is also the core of Peace Lutheran Church. All of our groups gather in Jesus’ name. Each group—whatever its purpose or ministry—spends time with Scripture and in prayer, shares in mutual support, and attends to its task. Jesus is present in each group doing his redeeming work. Group members learn to know and love God more deeply through Jesus Christ. They learn to know and love each other more truthfully and genuinely in him. They share their lives in joy and affliction. They become more able to reach out to and connect with new people. They grow comfortable sharing the news of our Savior with others and are strengthened and comforted together.

        “In this the love of God appeared among us: God sent his only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him…[I]f God loved us in such a way, we are bound by a duty to love one another…All those who love are born of God and know God.” (I John 4:9, 10b; 7b) We want Peace Lutheran Church; Pella, Iowa; and the world to be filled with this love and this knowledge. Please check out our current small group opportunities and consider attending one!